Types of meditation

What is meditation?  Often people hear that word and think of monastics wearing robes, seated cross-legged on a mountain in some remote place.  But right here in Houston, Texas, you can check out a variety of forms of meditation practice.  The Meditation Station offers tracks as short as five minutes to help you get centered in the midst of a busy day.  And while you’re welcome to sit cross-legged, you can also lie down, sit in a chair, or even walk as you meditate.

Mindfulness and an open heart are two types of meditation available through the Meditation Station.  As the Station gathers steam and more local meditation teachers record tracks, we hope to offer a variety of approaches to mindfulness and kindness as well as other types of meditation.

Ultimately, no matter what types of meditation you practice, the goal is for them to support you in developing healthy emotional habits like self-acceptance, the ability to focus, decreased judgments of self and others, and simple presence from moment to moment.

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